Cupcake Wrappers for Any Color Palette | Review

colorful cupcake liners

I will forever be in love with cupcakes. Why, because they’re easy-peasy all the way around.

  • They can be less expensive than wedding cake.
  • They’re easier to transport.
  • They provide the perfect amount of “cake.”
  • I personally love the cake to butter cream ratio.
  • And they’re cute for crying out loud. They ARE!

So when Koyal Wholesale contacted me to review their cupcake wrappers, I jumped at the offer. It give me an excuse to bake (like I really need one) and I love the extra bit of cuteness and festiveness cupcake liners give to the otherwise humble cupcake.

The lowdown

Koyal sent an assortment of beautiful, well made paper cupcake wrappers. The paper is a nice heavy-weight card stock that’s vibrant in color, and appealing textured polka-dots. The large wrappers fit standard cupcakes you can buy or make in a regular cupcake tin. And the mini wrappers fit well in store bought mini cupcakes. (I’m assuming they’ll fit in homemade minis, but I didn’t test them.

I made a batch of strawberry cupcakes with strawberry butter cream. The easiest part was sliding them into the cupcake liners.


  • Easy to assemble and use. All the work is done for you. You simply slide a tab into a slot and Bingo! You’re good to go.
  • Dozens of colors and styles You can find either a matching or complimentary color for any palette
  • High quality paper The paper is a sturdy vibrant card stock with nice texture.
  • That something extra I found that the cupcake wrappers instantly elevated my cupcakes, making them more fun, more festive, and prettier. They really are perfect for a super special occasion like a wedding.


  • Cost: Most wrappers breakdown to about 65 cents each. While that’s not too much if you’re buying a few for a party, when you need 200 it ends up costing $120 in wrappers. Still, if you pay say $2 per cupcake, your total cost per unit is only $2.60, well below the typical starting price of $4/slice of wedding cake. So I guess in the big picture cost is a pro.


  • I suggest assembling the wrappers on site. The cupcakes can shift during transit causing the butter cream to touch the wrappers and leave grease marks. Not cute!
  • Koyal suggests placing the wrapper around an un-frosted cupcake. I prefer to frost first. It makes transporting easier. Make sure you’re very careful not to get butter cream on the wrapper or it will become all nasty and greasy.