Intimate Winery Elopement | Off Piste

Longtime readers know that I adore elopements. There is something so special and intimate about two people keeping between the two of them what is arguably one of the most important in their lives. One thing worth mentioning: Just because it’s an elopement doesn’t mean you can’t wear a gorgeous wedding gown and carry a bouquet. And don’t forget the photographer!!!

From photographer Kristen Weaver

On a Monday morning, with beautiful overcast skies, the Resnick’s were married in front of the reflection pond at beautiful Bella Collina. Angela and Mark kept their event super intimate – with only Rachel, Rev. Knox and myself there as “witnesses” It was such a change of pace to be part of such a quaint event, truly celebrating their love and relationship – almost reminiscent of an elopement!

They enjoyed their first dance to a song from their iPhone, under market lights and in a soft evening rain, then enjoyed a quiet dinner in the wine cellar at a table for two. Such simple pleasures <3

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Submitted via Two Bright Lights