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Intimate North Carolina Mountain Wedding with DIY Details

Sarah + Jeremiah
September 4, 2012

Valle Crucis, NC

When I was planning my own mountain wedding, I was sucker for wedding cake inspiration. All I could focus on was the cake. This, to the exclusion of practically everything else. Fast forward four years, and one of my biggest regrets is that we did not customize or better plan our ceremony and exchange of vows. Looking back, there are special things I would have liked to have said in front of each other and our friends and family.

So now I’m a sucker for small, lovely, intimate and highly personal ceremonies, like this one in charming Valle Crucis, NC. And I know you’ll LOVE this one with the knot-tying ceremony! Be sure to catch Sarah’s Hindsight Wedding Advice below…

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Why a Mountain Wedding?

We chose to do a mountain wedding because for one it’s beautiful in the mountains and it was a central location for both sides of the family to drive to. My family is from North Carolina and Jeremiah’s family is from West Virgina. It was the perfect location, and the pricing for everything was right. The Mast Farm Inn was awesome!!

Where did you find your inspiration?

I found my inspiration from vintage photos, I love the rustic, antique look of old photos. I really tried to mimic the best I could with what I had to portray the same type of look for the wedding. I was very happy with how everything turned out.

What were some personal details you incorporated?

I definitely had some ideas of my own that I personally made for the wedding. For instance…I made the mason jars which held the flowers for the center pieces on each table, I glued lace and pearls around each mason jar creating the perfect touch. I also glued pearls and lace to some nude color Steve Madden sandals I already had. The lace matched my veil. I also made my own pearl bracelet by wrapping gold wire around several times and stringing the pearls bought from Hobby Lobby through the gold wires creating a delicate look that matched my shoes, veil and earrings. My Veil was made by my best friends mother which saved me over $200, her name is Sharon Knott and she is like my sec mother. Love her!! She created exactly what I wanted, after going to several stores and trying on many veils. I am grateful to her. My wedding dress I found for $99, went to a boutique in Dallas and they had some dresses on sale right off the rack you could buy. I was thrilled about that!

Your favorite moment of the day.

My favorite moment of the day was seeing Jeremiah for the first time as I was walking down the cobble stone isle. I had no idea what he was going to wear. I told him what I wanted for him, and he surprised me and looked amazing. I have many favorite moments. One of the most precious moments to me was when I first saw my wedding ring/band which was the night before the wedding. Precious story I have to share…I first met my grooms family at his sweet grandmothers funeral, I wanted to be there to support him and It just happened to be the first time I would meet his family. His family lives in West Virgina, we live in Fort Worth Texas. So anyway, I support him and meet the family. Precious family, absolutely love everyone. Fast forward about a year and half, we decide to get married but keep it very small. We talk about getting wedding bands, and spend the money which would have been spent on a diamond on a nice wedding or honeymoon. Well, his aunt asks Jeremiah if he would be interested in taking his grandparents vintage rings bought back in the 60’s. Well, he agrees and shows me a picture and I agree the ring is beautiful and I would be so honored to have it. Well, his aunt proceeds to ask what size we are so she can have them sized in time for the wedding and give them to us the day before our wedding day. Long story short, my ring size is the same as his grandmother so no re-sizing is necessary. I was blown away, not only is this ring perfect, it means something and I feel every time I look at it that his grandmother was looking out for me and the desires of my heart. She knew I would love this ring and appreciate it with all my heart… not only that we have the same size finger. I cried at the dinner table when I first saw this ring, it is just beautiful.

Things you’re glad you did.

  • I’m glad we looked for a venue in the Mountains. My sister helped a lot and found the Mast Farm Inn for us. It was perfect.
  • I am glad I looked around for the right dress, and didn’t get carried away and but the forst one first one I saw, which cost $800. In the end, I found what I loved without breaking the bank.
  • The third thing I am glad I did was make my own things. It added a special touch to our day and I can look back and be proud of my craftiness.

Anything you wish you hadn’t done?

Honestly, the only thing I wish I had not done was stress over the weather.

What was the best piece of wedding advice you got?

Never go to bed angry at each other, don’t let the sun go down upon your anger. Talk it out until the problem is resolved.

Anything you wish you hadn’t worried about?

YES! The weather, it was raining all day and literally 10 min before the ceremony which was outside it stopped raining and we were able to have the wedding outside. A lot of prayer went into that outcome.

Anything You wish you had known about sooner rather than later?

Yes! I wish I had known how awesome the food was going to be sooner, then I would have bought my wedding dress two sizes bigger so I could have eaten more ;)

How did you choose your vendors?

I am not from the area so Danielle whom I was working with from the Mast Farm Inn suggested every vendor I used. I am so glad I went with them too because they all turned out amazing. I used her florist, photographers (revival photography), and we had a violinist. (don’t remember their name)

What is your very best advice to other mountain brides?

The very best advice I could give is live in that very moment and take mental pictures because it goes by so fast. Enjoy everyone around you, make sure you get around to saying “hello” to all your family and guest. You never know the last time you will see them. The best memories are the ones shared with the ones you love.

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