Intimate Elopement in the Rocky Mountains

10,000 feet up in the Rocky Mountains, amongst the pink alpenglow and lush green meadows Megan and Casey, vowed to spend the rest of their lives together. It wasn’t what they were planning for their big day. Due to the COVID pandemic, the couple decided to postpone their big wedding plans for the future. Instead, they chose to elope in the mountains of Colorado. These mountains are where Megan says they fell in love, so it held a special place in both their hearts. Josie V Photography captured this bohemian wedding that celebrated the natural beauty of the mountain magic that surrounded the elopement.

This is the perfect example for those looking for a creative way to plan an adventurous, charming and free-spirited wedding, during COVID or not.

How did you meet?

We grew up in the same home town and went to the same high school. We officially met each other after I (Megan) graduated high school at a county fair and a mutual friend’s bonfire after.

What is your proposal story?

One night, we booked a spontaneous flight to Colorado (we are from IL). We stayed in Estes Park and adventured at the Rocky Mountain National Park. On our hike, we found a nice secluded area with pretty rapids in the background. I thought we were just getting our picture taken, but I looked over and he got down on his knee and popped the question! This was so special because our first trip together was at the RMNP too.

Tell us about your attire choices.

My dress was feminine and romantic, with sequin floral lace appliques and a lace trimmed chapel train. My husband wore a dark gray dress pants with a white button up long sleeve dress shirt, finished with a tie and black shoes.What were your favorite parts of the day? (memories and stories). The most striking memory was looking at the background and thinking.. “Wow, we are getting married in the most beautiful place.” It truly felt like a fairy tale and we were trying to soak it all up! Every moment was magical, even though it started to get very, very cold near the end!! Ultimately, the best part was hearing our vows to one another and expressing our true love!

Do you have any advice for couples planning their weddings now?

ELOPE. HAVE AN INTIMATE WEDDING. JUST DO IT! It is hard to stray away from traditional weddings because of family, convenience, etc. but we agree that it was 100% worth it. You can elope, but then have another ceremony and reception back home. It is easier to plan, cheaper, and we felt like the day was just about US standing in the mountains. Also, it is a great option because of COVID-19.

Why a Mountain Wedding? What’s your biggest piece of advice for other couples planning a mountain wedding?

Colorado and the mountains have a special place in our heart since it was the first place we traveled together, got engage at, and we wanted to follow our tradition. If you are not used to the elevation, I recommend staying or visiting high altitudes before the wedding day. Also, make sure you have an amazing photographer who can capture the beauty.

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