Inexpensive Wedding Hair Pins

I want to shout my thanks from the rooftops! Thank you, thank you, thank you to Natalie from the wedding blog Sour Cherry for graciously putting together this lovely guest post while I’m ill. Thanks a million!

Loud neighbors, exhaust fumes, stress – those are the words that best describe the modern lifestyle. Fortunately, you’ve grown up surrounded by magnificent mountains. Bird singing, fresh mountain breeze and happiness – those are the words that best describe your childhood memories.

So, for those of you, lovely mountain brides, who like the idea of connecting to your childhood on your big day, the Porcelain Dove Bobby Pin is a must-have. Subtle textures catch the light and draw attention to this unique bridal hair accessory as it nestles into your locks.

This lovely $12 hair pin will last well beyond the wedding itself, and most importantly, it is something that will help you cherish your childhood days. Besides, it will make you feel stylish & fashionable. And, it’s important to say that Revisions Design Studio casts each and every unglazed porcelain bird by hand, so each hair pin is unique. You can buy it here.

All images from Supermarkethq

About the author:
Natasha is the author of the wedding blog Sour Cherry. Check out her article about bridal lingerie, where she reviews latest Stella McCartney’s collection of bridal underwear.