Inexpensive + Darling Place Settings

I have lots of news to share with you. Some I will share now, and some later (muahaha). The "now news" is that I have resumed guest blogging for the Brides Book Blog. I generally post there once a week on the weekend, so check it out! Today's post is about a increasingly popular wedding cake trend–a modern twist on traditional Appalachian stack cake. The other news will have to wait until people who need to be in-the-know are brought up to speed. It's big news though, really big. And the clever reader will be able to read between the lines and make a fairly educated guess…

In the meantime, I saw these over at Love and Lavender and just had to share them with you. She has a whole bunch of place setting inspiration you should definitely check them all out. Here are my favorites.

Strawberry and lemon place settings

Fruit is relatively inexpensive. So are toothpicks, paper and ribbon. You can create these adorable place cards for around 50 cents or so.


Scrabble place cards

Scrabble pieces can be round up at thrift stores and garage sales. You can also find them on eBay fairly inexpensively.


Stamped paper napkins

I love, love, love these place settings. Take a close look at how simple and inexpensive they are, but cute as hell! On the right all you need are paper doilies, pretty paper, alphabet stamps, and paper napkins. That's right, plain paper napkins. But oh so adorable, no? And on the right we have a basic 12" X 12" sheet of pretty scrapbook paper with a triangle cutout folded up with the guests name hand written in ink. Too sweet!


leaves with guests names written on them

I love this idea too, and just in time for fall. Find a pretty metallic pen. Buy some sturdy, and clean leaves at the craft store (or harvest them from the woods) and gently hand write each guest's name on the leaf. This would be a great task for you and the maids.

~All images via Love and Lavender ~