If You Lose Your Engagement Ring You May Not be Covered

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All sponsors on Mountainside Bride are carefully screened for relevancy and quality of product. But today, I not only think this sponsor is a good one, I believe Jewelry Insurance is crucial.

Let me tell you a quick story about loss: My brother’s house burned down a couple of months ago. Not to be a bummer. It is what it is. He lost everything, including my grandmother’s heirloom engagement ring.

Even if he was insured (which it wasn’t) it wouldn’t have meant much. Most jewelry warranties only cover basic stuff like a chipping, cracking or a loose mount. They may cover the loss of smaller diamonds in the setting. But you often have to have your ring inspected every six months or your warranty is no good.

Even If You’re Insured, You’re Probably Not Covered

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Most jewelry warranties don’t cover the most common cause for a claim, which is accidental loss.

Like you, I’m a rough-and-tumble girl. I love camping, and skiing, and hiking, and mountain biking, and all sorts of mountain sports. And here’s the thing: I take off my rings to go climbing and surfing. Why? I don’t want to lose the heirloom Tiffany’s Diamond Solitaire from Hub’s grandmother! But think about it, I’m probably just as likely to lose my rings by taking them off. It could fall and be lost. I could accidentally throw it away, wrapped in a tissue. Or I may leave it at a friend’s beach house where it’s swept or vacuumed away.

Look, even big diamonds are relatively small, and therefore can be easily lost. However, as we all know, they’re not cheap. Engagement rings and wedding rings can cost thousands of dollars. Even that heirloom ring you got for free can be valued for thousands of dollars, not to mention the deep sentimental value.

Reality Check: Have Homeowners Insurance? So What!

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And here’s the real kicker. You may think your homeowner’s or renter’s insurance covers you.  You could be wrong again!!! Most homeowner’s and renters insurance exclude single-value items over $1,000 to $1,500 in value! It’d be up to you to make sure there’s specific coverage on the policy for the ring.

Bottom line, you’re most likely not covered to the extent you think you are.   If you’re in a situation where you value your wedding jewelry both monetarily AND emotionally, you’re best protected by a jewelry specific insurance policy for your engagement and wedding rings. Insurance from a company like Jewelers Mutual is the most comprehensive you can obtain – covering you world-wide against accidental loss, theft, damage, and mysterious disappearance.

Get Real Insurance and a Free Quick Quote

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No matter where or when you purchased your rings, you can get a free quote and insure your personal jewelry items at PerfectCircleInsurance.com.

If you’re already insured, you can compare rates and coverage. Be aware that volatile markets in gold and diamonds have caused prices in those markets to skyrocket. If you’ve purchased your ring more than a year ago, chances are, you’re under insured.

I got on and got a quick quote using$5,000 for the value of my ring. In my zip code the premium was only $75 a year!! I spend more in coffee over the course of two months!!!

And, that kind of peace of mind is totally worth it.  Learn more about Jewelers Mutual Perfect Circle® Jewelry Insurance today.