Hot New Trend for 2011: Long Veils

All Hail the Traditional Veil

Late 2009 and early 2010 was the year of the bird cage veil. 2011 is poised to be the year of the longer, traditional, and more formal fingertip, chapel and cathedral veils. How romantic is that? OK, OK, I know the history of the veil is less than empowering for women. I actually had reservations about donning a veil. But then I went careening down a weird slippery slope where I started questioning the whole marriage ceremony based on a misogynist history of the martimonial marketplace where by the bride would be bardered for money, power, or policital gain. Then I said, "eff it." I want to marry D, and I want to wear a veil. So I did!

These long veils are both dreamy and romantic and perfect for a intimate B+B wedding or country estate wedding in the hills. LOVE!

Image from Corbin Gurkin via Style Me Pretty


Image from The Nichols via from Style Me Pretty


Image from Steve Steinhardt via Style Me Pretty


Image from One Love Photo A Mountain Bride


Image from André Teixeira (Photographer) + Branco Prata (Event Planner)via The Wedding Chicks