Holiday DIY Projects That Are Perfect for Weddings

The Best of Martha Stewart Living Holiday Handbook

Martha Stewart Holiday Handbook

For many of us, the holiday season is is a DIY extravaganza.We bake cookies, design cute custom gift tags, and make all manner of handcrafted gifts from homemade jams to handcrafted liqueurs, such as Kaluha. Magazines are chock full of these little DIY projects. One of my favorites is the Holiday  Handbook from Martha Stewart. Many of the DIY projects and crafts can be modified for mountain weddings.

My Top DIY Picks:

Holiday DIY Projects Perfect for Weddings

  • Illuminated Greetings: Write your names in LED rope lighting and hang from a side of a barn or out building for a bit of rustic twinkling.
  • Birch-wrapped vases: I’ve long been in love with the idea of birch vases. But didn’t have the know how to droll out birch logs and then figure out how to care for flowers in a wooden vase. Martha to the rescue! She wraps simple glass cylinders with birch bark veneers. Brilliant!
  • Limoncello: (Or any homemade liquor) I love the idea of crafting your own signature drink. Or, you can even bottle up tiny 4 oz nips and give them to your guests as favors along with a recipe. I know the teetotalers in your family won’t appreciate it as much as others, but, unless you’re coming from a hard-shell baptist family, don;t worry about it!


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