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Bride and Groom in the woods


I’ve been reflecting on what makes great wedding photography lately. The wedding season is hitting its yearly crescendo and photographers are shooting weddings every weekend. As a blogger, I’ve seen good wedding photography; I’ve seen bad wedding photography; and I’ve seen amazing wedding photography. What set apart the good from the great in my book is perspective–the artist’s eye, if you will. Yes lighting, and timing, and all the technical stuff is important, but nothing beats composition in my book.

That’s why I’m simply thrilled to welcome Mammoth Lakes wedding photographer Vernon Wiley Photography as our newest advertiser on Hindsight Bride.


Bride and groom elope at a mountain lake


There’s some thing about the mountains that take your breath away: the way the light seasons at sunset, the way the earth juts up in jagged peaks, the intensity of isolation here. There’s also something about weddings that pulls at your heart strings: the subtle shifts in family relationships as parents walk bride down aisle, as bride takes grooms hand, as they cling to each other during the first dance.

Am I waxing poetic this morning? You bet. Weddings are poetic creatures.


closeup black and white of a bride and groom in love


Vernon Wiley captures beautifully all of these feelings with his unique perspective, letting you feel a full range of emotions each time you look at his work. I haven’t attended even one of the weddings he’s shot, but I pour over each one that graces his website when he updates, and each time I feel like I know something about each one. His unique perspective gives me a glimpse into the joys and predilections of each couple’s life.


Bride rides a ski chair lift

The lowdown

Location: All over the Sierra, including Mammoth Lakes, Lake Tahoe, and Yosemite. Vernon Wiley is also available for travel outside the region.


Email: info {at} wileyphoto {dot} com