And the Hindsight Advice book winners are…

And the Winners Are…

How I Planned Your Wedding Book Cover



Tara Miller

Think about the things you remember most at weddings you've been to, and that will lead you to the most important items at your wedding. For instance: I remember the food, the dress, and the overall joy on the bride and groom's faces. I don't remember flowers or centerpieces. I'll be working on making sure that joy and relaxation is there, and spending most of my money/time on making sure the food/drink is excellent!


Best advice as I am starting – don't be afraid to ask for advice.


The best tip I can offer is to include your groom…. it's his day too! =)

I want to thank everybody for sharing such valuable Hindsight Advice. And to the winners, I know you will get a kick out of this book!

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