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Today, for our one month anniversary of Follow Friday, we have Megan from Glamour & Grace on the blog.

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What I Love About Glamour And Grace: The brides and grooms featured on Glamour and Grace have this rare combination of gorgeous, impeccable taste, and a super relaxed laid back attitude. Glamour and Grace brides are relaxed and happy, which alone makes them amazingly beautiful. Megan studies photography in college, so she has an eye for amazing details and emotions.

What You’ll Love About Glamour and Grace: Even though she’s not mountain specific, you’ll find plenty of outdoor weddings to inspire and delight! You’ll also love the elegant combination of vintage details and sweet, romantic touches. I promise Glamour and Grace will open your eyes to a fuller spectrum of ideas and inspiration, far beyond the rustic touches typically found in mountain weddings. You’ll also love her Photo Fridays, and Etsy Finds!


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My blog in one word: Chic

My blog is known for: Pretty pictures and vintage inspiration

My online go-to source for inspiration? Definitely Pinterest, I’m addicted.

My off-line go-to source for inspiration? My friends, my mom and sister, and my late Nana

Trend I’m loving right now: I’m really loving the ombre/watercolor look, it is so romantic and pretty and it can be incorporated in so many different ways


Megan from Glamour and Grace



Personally, what was the most difficult aspect of wedding planning?

The hardest thing for me was finding vendors that fit my vision. We spent the first 4 months just finding a venue that had a vintage feel and some sort of personality. Also, a lot of the vendors in my area are very traditional and aren’t used to a bride who is trying to be creative. It was like pulling teeth to find a florist to suggest something other than roses. I think finding someone who fits with you and understands your vision is key. It could take some searching, it is so important and will make the planning process so much smoother.

Best hindsight advice for weddings: Do a first look. Mark really wanted to go traditional and see me for the first time as I walked down the aisle. I had been perfectly calm the whole day, but as soon as we lined up to walk down, I completely lost it. I would have loved to get out some of those emotions before hand so I could enjoy my ceremony and not fight through tears, struggling to audibly say my vows.

You’d be surprised to know I’m really just a nerd.

I love all things Audrey Hepburn.

If I didn’t blog, I’d be going crazy from lack of a creative outlet.

My signature drink is sangria, I’m a sucker for a good sangria :)


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