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Don’t be afraid to spend time with your girlfriends; don’t let guests drink and drive; and you get what you pay for…

I am just thrilled to kick off this week with Heather, the first Real Hindsight Bride. Heather got married this spring and (along with her photographer Steffi from Cariad Photography) have graciously agreed to share both this beautiful wedding and her own Hindsight Advice.


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Heather wanted a wedding that reflected her personality. She is a self-professed lady that loves to have fun. When designing her wedding, Heather wasn’t afraid to compare her vision to the other really great weddings she had attended, taking little bits from each of them. While she did not want a formal reception, she opted for a traditional ceremony. She believes the ceremony should be taken seriously, but  during the reception just wanted everyone to have FUN!
Purple and pink floral centerpiece and vintage car
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How did you decide on your venue, flowers, and dress? Were your choices based on style or some other meaning?

I looked at a lot of venues and dresses. I knew the dress the second I put it on and I really think that most girls will know. I did not have a style really that I was looking for so I tried on everything until I had an overwhelming feeling that this is my dress.

As far as the venue, I looked at several and the location, the style of the place and what we wanted our wedding to be, and the cost honestly played a big roll in our decisions. When I scheduled the seeing of the venues, I would try to schedule a tasting of the food as well because most places make you use their catering. Food was also a big factor.

The Venue in Asheville

Wedding Reception at The Venue

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2) What was the most memorable moment of your planning? And of your wedding day?
I had the most fun in the wedding process picking out my dress! It was a perfect day. When I did find my gown I had my mom, sister, and two best friends with me and it was the perfect moment. After I found my dress, the wedding production centered around it. I would not have worn my dress to a beach even if you know what I mean.

I also loved the cake and food tastings!

I loved our first dance. It was beautiful and playful. Patrick had me laughing the while time and that is one of the best qualities I found in Patrick. We had a great time that entire night dancing and enjoying our company.

Bridal gown

First Dance


3) What were the traditions that were important to you? Were there any that you decided not to do?
I wanted to make sure that Patrick and I did not see each other the day of the ceremony. I wanted the traditional white dress, something borrowed, blue, and new, but I skipped the mother-son, and father-daughter dance because my parents are not big dancers and we didn’t want everyone standing around watching; we wanted them up and enjoying the band with us. We did not do the garter belt toss because I did not want to. I did not even wear a garter belt.

Parents Dancing

Hindsight Advice #1 Don’t be afraid to go out the night before, but set limits
I struggled a lot with the dilemma of going out after the rehearsal dinner or going home and getting some rest. I ended up going out with all the friends that I never get to see because only 1 of them live in Asheville with us and I could not pass up the opportunity. I know that everyone says, go home and get some rest and I did. It was actually really cute, #1 I did not drink too much, and #2 I left right at midnight so I did not see Patrick on the “day of.” Looking back, I would have done it all over again. The weekend is so much fun and I would advice that everyone, even the bride, try to enjoy it to the fullest. I had such a great weekend that I want to get married over and over again just because it was so GREAT!
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Hindsight Advice #2 Take care of your Guests; Don’t let them drink and drive!
We were very, very serious about not having people drinking and driving. Our reception was downtown and the block of rooms that we reserved were also downtown and after the big reception, we all walked every where we needed to go. It was great planning on our part trying to make sure everyone stayed safe. If you do not have the ability to book rooms really close to your reception site…do not forget that you must take care of your guests and their driving needs. This means you’ll have to spring for ground transportation. A lot of hotels offer this service.

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Hindsight Advice #3 {BIG ONE} You get what you pay for much of the time

Do not order you “save-the-dates”, invitations, or programs online. even if it is cheaper. I ordered my save-the-dates online and it was a nightmare. They looked cheap and they screwed them up like it’s their JOB! I then went to The Baggie Goose in the Biltmore Village and they service and quality of their work is GREAT!

Champagne toast
Hindsight Advice #4 Do your research: online, on the ground, and at other weddings
I took a lot of time to do my research online and scheduled lots of appointments to  get a clear visual.  I am sure that most brides have been to several weddings and can get some good ideas of who and what they’d want at their wedding. Also, I knew of my band from a previous wedding I had been to so I knew they were good.
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Planner: Steve Rogers
Floral  (Website under construction) Randall Adams, out of Atlanta, GA (404) 580-0090. Randall works closely with wedding coordinator, Steve Rogers
Photographer: Caridad Photography
Dress: Maggie Soretto. I got so many compliments on it and loved it. You do not have to spend 10K to have a perfect dress, trust me!