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Handmade Cake Toppers From Asheville with Love

Seriously, Do I Live in A Freakin' Cave or What!? This Gal is from Asheville!!!

You all know I totally heart Asheville and I'm a big fan of local vendors. Well I was in town yesterday and popped my head in to see Amanda at Palettes of Perfection (POP) and Shay of Shay Brown Events. Amanda told me about Star House, a custom cake top maker. Then she showed me the custom cake toppers!


Cake topper Inspiration Board
Image from Star House via Broke Ass Bride


Wha-wha-what! Holy crap, I said, those wedding cake toppers were on A Broke Ass Bride last month! And indeed they were. Now I feel a bit sheepish because I should have been writing this like, um, a month ago. Oh well. I'm writing it now. And I'm telling you this. Asheville rocks! We have some of the coolest, most creative people here. It very much reminding me of the SF Bay Area. Very hip.


Custom cake topper with man woman and dog
Image from Star House


Anyway, I totally love that all of her cake toppers are customizable.You can include your dog, your kids, or other such pets you may have running around the house. You can have the people look like you with your dress.


Custom cake topper of a family
Image from Star House


The best part of this for me is that this is a local artist. I'm a big fan of supporting the local economy. And for you destination brides, this is a nice way to take home a mountain made keepsake that's not cheesy. Star House has also been featured on the Indie Bride, and the Natural Wedding Company. Woohoo, you go Star House.


Custom cake topper with a tree and two birds
Image from Star House



Custom panda cake topper
Image from Star House


Visit Star House's Etsy Shop. Prices range from $32 to a bit under $200 {and YAY! Asheville Artists}