handkerchief wedding invitations wrapped in ribbon

Handkerchief Wedding Invitations | Inspiration + How-to

I am still totally in love with vintage handkerchief wedding invitations. I am also still wild about mason jars–a thrifty and sweet staple for many outdoor mountain weddings. So when I saw this little bundle of fabulousness over at The Wedding Chicks I wanted to instantly propose to it I love it so freaking much.

vinatge handkerchief wedding invitations with mason jars
Image by Sarah Mckenzie Photography via The Wedding Chicks

How to make these bad boys:

Of course when I see this sort of thing I wonder, "how can I do that." So I turned to the Good Sister Google for help. I found a few techniques.

The first video seems easiest and uses printable tee-shirt transfers.

The second set of instructions uses freezer paper to print directly on the fabric. Take a look at Tulle and Feathers popular handkerchiefs from their post DIY Hell. They seem much harder but also much more refined and classier.

The final technique, silk screening, doesn't exactly come with a set of instructions, but it does come with a review of a silk screener.

Regardless of which technique you use, be sure to start much earlier than you think you need to. This is not something you're going to whip out in a weekend (unless of course you do this sort of thing for a living. The bride over at Tulle and Feathers "when through 2 printers, numerous designs, multiple formats and at one point, we even tried hand painting them (!)" It was an albatross of a project for awhile.

handkerchief wedding invitations wrapped in ribbon
From Bird and Banner via Emmaline Bride


Need More Vintage Handkerchief Inspiration?

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Or, If You're inclined to say effe that…

This is a complicated project that is rife with possibilities for failure. If you're not especially crafty, it may end in tears with a reluctant trip to Walmart to buy crappy mass-produced printable wedding invites.

Need something a bit more low key?

  • Simply wrap your invitations with a kerchief and ribbon. (Find instructions here)
  • Offer them to your guests to cry into during the ceremony.
  • Create gorgeous handkerchief roses and put them at each place setting as a favor. If you want to get really fancy, you can have them embroidered with your wedding date or initials.
  • Wrap your bouquet with a vintage handkerchief.

Hand rolled Handkerchiefs made to look like Roses
From Eco Proper via DIY Bride