Lena and Campari from a Crimson Kiss

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Today we have Lena from A Crimson Kiss (formally La Petit Coquin) on the blog. My love of signature drinks is what first drew me to A Crimson Kiss. But what kept me coming back for more was Lena and John’s journey through marriage and grad school, and the fresh weddings and details Lena finds each week.

Lena and Campari from a Crimson Kiss

First Row: Betsy Kershner | Second Row: Summit Sips, Jonathan Ong via A Crimson Kiss first seen on  Ruffled 

What I Love about Lena from A Crimson Kiss:

  • She actually referred to herself as the “Drunken Blogger.” As a co-host of the Bridal Koolaid Cocktail Hour, I think we may be soul sisters ;-)
  • She “adores Jackie O.” and is addicted to Martha Stewart (Me tooo!)
  • Her bangs! I pretty much want her hair. No, I want to be her hair—rich and gorgeous, yep that’s exactly what I want to be.

What You’ll Love about A Crimson Kiss.

  • It’s focused. You know what to expect each week, including a bit about Lena’s life, fresh real weddings, and signature drink inspiration galore! Even her navigation bar is delightfully focused and well organized.
  • The archives! Lena has been blogging for three years and has over 1,100 posts to comb through.
  • She rounds up some of the best weddings from around the internet so you don’t have to.

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From Lena

My blog in one word: Timeless

My blog is known for: Cocktails — I call myself the Drunk Wedding Blogger and no one ever argues with me!

Tell us about your blogging routine: Every few weeks I pair cocktails, shoes, invitations, bouquets and real weddings in neatly packaged collections, based on color and theme. On Saturday or Sunday afternoon, I curl up with a cup of tea at my kitchen table and pick out a week, then blog it all at once, with the exception of Monday’s post, which I write just before bed on Sunday night. I find that writing everything together gives the week cohesion, and it keeps me from scrambling frantically on Tuesday morning!

How did you come up with the name for your blog? I wanted to speak to brides like me, who pour over their grandmothers’ wedding albums and want a celebration that stands the test of time. I thought about the weddings I loved, and the things they had in common, and while not every bride is wearing a red lip, there is always that sense of grace, of proportion, of classic sensibilities evoked by the image of a fresh faced woman with a perfect crimson pout.

How did you get into blogging? I was living in San Francisco, far away from my boyfriend on the East Coast, and my wedding binder was officially out of control. So I created my blog as a substitute for paper clippings from Martha Stewart Weddings, and I haven’t stopped writing since!

First thing you did when you got engaged? John actually jumped up to take his poached eggs off the heat, and we had breakfast in bed—it was a perfect morning.

Tell us something only your closest friends know about you. I’m as Type A as I come off on my blog (I refold the clothes in my dresser once a week), but I also have a terribly inappropriate sense of humor and I’ll be the first person at your door with cheap bubbly and pizza when you’ve had a bad day. That’s actually my favorite cure for bad days, along with puppies.

Other things you didn’t know about Lena:

  • I’m totally addicted to AMC’s The Killing (we affectionately call it “Dead Girl, Seattle” in my house) and planning a summer getaway.
  • I love wearing John’s pajamas—and as a bonus, he thinks it’s sexy!
  • Etiquette rule everyone should know is to address everyone invited by name; nothing makes my blood boil like being “…and guest”!
  • My signature drink is Campari and soda, or a classic daiquiri.

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