Gorgeous Mount Washington Summer Wedding

With the impressive White Mountains of Mount Washington in the background, naturally, Taylor and Bart took a minimalist approach to their wedding while going heavy on the tender personal details as seen from Allie Dearie’s shots. The Omni Mount Washington Resort was breathtakingly more than enough in terms of their ceremony decor, thanks to 360-degree views of the wispy mountaintops. (We kind of like the cloudiness of their day!) Taylor crafted her own silky smooth wedding dress for the day and it was a slinky number that fit her beautifully, and we give her such credit to undertaking a project like that. The relaxed feel of their day and their laser focus on the aspects that mattered the most to them are so refreshing and really brings it back to what a wedding is all about, ultimately.

Why a Mountain Wedding?

The mountains have been a big part of Taylor and Bart’s relationship as hiking is one of their favorite activities. The setting influenced most decisions: the flowers were from a local farm, the decor was simple (you don’t need much with view like that), and the Mount Washington Hotel added a classic, formal vibe that we were happy to embrace. 

What are three things you’re glad you did?

The most important thing was to remember what the day was all about. We wanted to emphasize our relationship and enjoying the moment. This took a lot of effort to not sweat the details (especially since Taylor is such a details person!).  We skipped things like favors and an extended photo shoot, but we splurged on a morning after brunch, inviting everyone back to say goodbye before leaving for the honeymoon. This was especially great to spend time with out of town guests.

What’s your biggest piece of advice for other couples planning a mountain wedding?

Don’t sweat the details. It’s about joining with the love of your life, not all the little things. You’ll remember how you felt that day, much more than what went right or wrong with the decor.  And the unplanned moments usually make the best stories anyway.