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mimi and delaney Mammoth Lakes Wedding

It’s a special honor when a Mountainside Vendor gets married, and even more so when that vendor lives in Mammoth Lakes, where I live!  Mimi + Delaney’s wedding was honest, authentic and full of family, friends and delectable sweets. Mimi owns Mimi’s Cookie Bar in Mammoth Lakes, so it make sense that wedding cakes, cookies, cupcakes and French Macarons took center stage at this lovely wedding. Mimi also has some heartfelt and honest advice below. Enjoy!

Mimis Cookie bar wedding dessert tableMammoth-Lakes-Wedding-Cody-Tuttle-Photography-3 burlap and lace handle on wedding bouquet Mammoth Lakes bride and groomMammoth Lakes wedding rings  Mimis Cookie bar wedding dessert tableMammoth Lakes bride and groom    Mimis Cookie bar wedding dessert table  Mimis Cookie bar wedding dessert table Mimis Cookie bar wedding dessert tableMimis Cookie bar wedding dessert tableMammoth Lakes bride and groom

Mimi + Delaney
July 13, 2013
Mammoth Lakes, CA

Why a Mountain Wedding?

We live here, and we didn’t have the option to travel because we own Mimi’s Cookie Bar. Plus the scenery and weather is so beautiful in the summer.

Where did you find your inspiration?

I am super laid back and don’t like a lot of fancy things. I do love vintage though, so I went with that for inspiration. Soft colors, lace, reclaimed wood and the outside.

What were some personal details you incorporated?

My cousins played the violin at our ceremony, we were outside and so it was the perfect music. We also wrote our own vows, I wasn’t sure I wanted to do that at first because I didn’t think I could, or I thought I’d loose it at the ceremony. But, we made them kinda funny and it totally worked with our personalities and our relationship. Everyone commented that they loved them, and I’m glad we did that. We are not religious at all, so the ceremony was pretty short, but I think that made it more personal.

Your favorite moment of the day.

Our first dance, Delaney’s parents are both musicians and so are my cousins. His dad played guitar, his mom sang and my cousins played violin for our first dance. It was beautiful to watch and so personal and amazing that they all cared so much to do that for us.

Three things you’re glad you did.

  1. Glad I bought a long dress, I almost went short.
  2. I am glad we didn’t have a bridal party. It just wasn’t our style and I didn’t have the time to plan all of that. We had our best and closest friends at the wedding and that was enough.
  3. And, I’m also glad we wrote our own vows.

Anything you wish you hadn’t done?

I wish I hadn’t made all our own dessert! I do not recommend this for anyone, and I’m a professional baker haha. I would have much rather enjoyed the day before and the day of the wedding with my friends than in the bakery kitchen. For me though, there wasn’t any other choice.

I am glad I did it because we had the best dessert bar ever, but I wouldn’t wish that stress and work upon anyone.

My advice is leave the food, dessert & flowers up to the professionals, they are all time sensitive things that can only be done the day before or day of and that’s when you want to be spending time with friends and family and relaxing.

What was the best piece of wedding advice you got?

Hire a coordinator, even if its only for a few days before and day of, its definitely worth it. I did most everything myself, but those few days before the wedding when family and friends are all in town you’re so busy and its definitely worth it to have someone that’s not a family member or close friend that you know you can count on to get things done.

Anything You wish you had known about sooner rather than later?

I only wish I had taken care of some payments before the month of the wedding. We planned a little, but most things we paid for the month of the wedding. It can all kinda creep up on you, so I would recommend making sure you know exactly how much you’re spending if you’re on a budget like we were, and try to save in advance for it.

How did you choose your vendors?

Since we live in Mammoth and own Mimi’s Cookie Bar, obviously dessert was a no brainer. Our guests were all expecting the best and a huge elaborate dessert, and they got that. We are also friends with the owners of Bleu Whole Foods and know their quality of food and love what they do, so we knew we wanted them for catering. My husband’s cousin owns Flower Girl LA, and she offered to do all our flowers as our wedding present, we couldn’t say no to that, plus we love her style. So it was great and super easy to work with her. We were very thankful she wanted to do all the work of bringing up all the flowers, and everything was beautiful. I didn’t have a lot of options for dresses, but I ended up going to Swoon in Reno and she has an adorable shop, its small but has a great selection and I found the perfect dress for me. Our officiant is one of our regular customers turned friend, and she actually used to be babysat by Delaney’s grandma, so it really was fate. My coordinator is also a regular customer turned friend and she offered to help, saying I would need it – and she was right, and I am so thankful we had her.

What is your very best advice to other mountain brides?

Be prepared to have things change at the last minute. We originally planned to have our ceremony at Minaret Vista. It was all set with the Forest Service and 2 weeks before our wedding, they denied us access because it was “high fire season”. We had to find a last minute location and also notify all the guests. It was annoying and stressful, but we made it work. Things can happen like this in the mountains because of weather and other things, so just be flexible.

DIY  Projects

Wedding signs (Delaney made them), our alter, rock aisle, center pieces wood rounds, mason jars (used extra lace from my wedding dress, since I hemmed the train off). We also made our own table numbers with stickers on wine bottles, it was cool they had the table number, our date and also it said if people were going to instagram to use #councilpartyof2

Mammoth Lakes Wedding Vendors

Bakery: Mimi’s Cookie Bar // Photography: Cody Tuttle Media // Catering: Bleu Handcrafted Foods // Flowers: Flower Girl Los Angeles // Dress: Swoon Bridal, Jim Hjelm // Delaney’s suit: J. Crew // Officiant: Natalie McLeod // Hair: Sarah Wood, Blazing Sheers // Wedding coordinator: Lacey Dibble