Gifts for the bride

Weddings are expensive, and we’re not talking about the costs incurred by those actually getting married. As a guest you too have to fork out some pretty hefty wads of cash. First there are the clothes and shoes, then you have to buy a present and then you have to get to and from the wedding and often find yourself some overnight accommodation. If you are a close friend or relative you will probably be invited to the bachelor and bachelorette party, which these days often involves a holiday. Phew! That’s a lot of spending.

But, on the other hand, you are honoured to be part of such a special day and you don’t think twice about spending all the cash, especially when it’s your best friend getting married. Speaking of which, what do you buy the bride? The bride often buys her bridesmaids a small gift as a thank you for their participation in the wedding process, but it’s now becoming common for the girls of the bachelorette party to get the bride a gift. We’re not talking silverware or crystal glasses here; rather something more special and unique and suited to the lady in question. So, without further ado, here are some ideas for House of Fraser gifts for her, all of which are available from their website.

Charm Bracelet

Almost every woman lusts after jewellery. It’s not something we routinely buy ourselves, so it makes the perfect gift. Charm bracelets are not only en vogue right now, but they offer you the chance to personalise the bracelet as you see fit, or more precisely, as you see the bride-to-be. You can get her started with a charm or two or even get the other girls involved a buy a charm each. The bride-to-be can then add to her charm bracelet throughout her life, encapsulating treasured memories into symbolic charms.


Its generally assumed the boyfriend/fiancé/husband should buy his girlfriend/fiancé/wife underwear, but nine times out of ten he gets the wrong size and a completely unwearable and impractical design. However, as a woman, you know what other woman want. Plus, you have no problem finding out your friends size. From simple two-piece sets to sexier stockings and suspenders, you know much more about the kind of underwear your best friend wants than her partner does.