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Getting Married Off-the-Grid in Sequoia National Park pt 2| Bergreen Photography

Round Meadow | Bergreen Photography

The rugged beauty of towering Sierra peaks, the uniqueness of Giant Sequoia trees, and the peaceful nature of spacious meadows make Sequoia National Park an ideal escape. Despite any logistical challenges, Sequoia weddings are both memorable and iconic. In this two-part post, we’re helping you navigate Sequoia wedding planning.

Round Meadow | Bergreen Photography

Getting married in the Sierras is all about selecting the perfect location. Mountain weddings need fewer details and decorations because the setting is stunning on it’s own. One of the best ways to decide the location of your vows is to visit the park. There are no words I can share that will capture how you will feel standing amongst the worlds largest trees, in the lush meadows, or gazing towards the rugged mountain tops. Many couples explore the park prior to the wedding and find a place that speaks to them. If you stop under a tree, the grandeur of it may remind you of the magnitude of your love for one another. If you gaze out towards the mountaintops, you may reflect on your future together and the journey ahead with a sense of both inspiration and awe. And if you sit by a meadow, the wildlife and wildflowers may show you the peace and joy you wish to share with your family and friends as you say “I do.”

In our last Sequoia Wedding planning post, we shared details about some of the top ceremony locations with epic mountain views and giant Sequoia trees. We are headed back to Sequoia National Park to visit some of the lush meadows available as ceremony sites.

Round Meadow

Located near Giant Forest Museum, Round Meadow has it all! It is both a short and beautiful walk from the main parking lot to the meadow. At round meadow you are in the midst of Giant Forest, the largest concentration of giant sequoia trees. The trail loops around the meadow and, since it is a popular destination, allows for 10-15 people.

Round Meadow | Bergreen PhotographyRound Meadow | Bergreen Photography

Crescent Meadow

Take a right turn before Giant Forest Museum and a short drive takes you to Crescent Meadow. You feel like you’ve gotten away as you drive past some iconic locations like Auto Log, Tunnel Log, and the Parker Group of giant Sequoias. Probably our favorite meadow in the park, Crescent Meadow marks the start to the High Sierra Trail. From Crescent Meadow it is a 60 mile hike to Mt. Whitney and even just seeing the sign is enough to inspire. Crescent Meadow allows for 30 people and up to 10 cars.

Crescent Meadow Tunnel Log | Bergreen Photography Crescent Meadow | Bergreen Photography Crescent Meadow | Bergreen Photography

Halstead Meadows

Halstead Meadows is a prime example of the efforts to keep Sequoia natural and rugged. What the park lacks in amenities it makes up for in undisturbed beauty. Even locations overused in the past are being restored to their natural conditions. One restoration project that we have been excited to see is that of Halstead Meadows. The Generals Highway divides the largest meadow it crosses into upper and lower halves. The new renovation project and bridge to cross the meadow has brought the two back together, somewhat poetic for a wedding. Many drive past this epic meadow but fewer visitors stop and enjoy Halstead. For weddings, the meadow allows 20 people and up to 4 cars.

Generals Highway | Bergreen Photography

The next challenge of a mountain wedding in Sequoia is where to host your reception and perhaps where to stay. Accommodations are limited creating a challenge but also increasing the seclusion and adding to the privacy of your big day.

Wuksachi Lodge

Wuksachi Lodge brings modern conveniences to an otherwise remote and secluded park. There are guest rooms, a restaurant, and special event facilities. Nestled in a forest with views of the Sierras, Wuksachi offers banquet rooms for 15-80 guests. Wuksachi is the location in the park for your Sequoia wedding reception. Contact their staff for more information. Wuksachi is also an option for your ceremony and can accommodate more guests and easier access than some of your other options.

Wuksachi Lodge | Bergreen Photography

There are only a few other locations to stay in the park, such as the John Muir Lodge. Beyond that there is the quaint foothills town of Three Rivers. Sequoia Village Inn and Buckeye Tree Lodge are our favorite locations of Sequoia’s nearby accommodations. Of course, through VRBO and AirBNB you might discover some unique and hidden locations near the river. When staying outside of the park, be prepared to drive the winding road up into the mountains in order to get to Sequoia’s best destinations. There is no fast way to the park as hairpin turns cause you to slow down and soak in your surroundings as you climb.

John Muir Lodge | Bergreen Photography

Modern wedding planning can often be stressful, overwhelming, and cause you to lose sight of what the day is about. Sequoia weddings, on the other hand, are about creating an unforgettable experience that takes your breath away. If your priority is being surrounded by inspirational beauty and you’re willing to journey off the grid and up the General’s Highway, what awaits you is both love and adventure.