German Alps Sunset Styled Shoot

Okay the German Alps have officially become one of our favorite shoot locations. As a husband and wife adventure wedding photography team, based in the resort town of Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany, Made in the Mountains Photo really wanted to highlight what this area has to offer couples. In particular, they wanted to bring awareness to adventurous, off-beat couples, searching for something extraordinary. Hence why they planned this awesome, styled hiking elopement on a local mountain near their home. The photographers connected with Caitlin and Erik via a Facebook group and knew they’d be perfect for the styled hiking elopement, as they are also Americans living abroad, doing something different with their lives. On the day of the shoot, the stars aligned and everything fell into place perfectly. The group had the mountain to themselves, and at sunset, the sky lit up in the most surreal sunset.

What was your design inspiration?

We wanted to create something simple, but elegant and adventurous. A shoot that would inspire couples looking for an exciting, stress-free, magical day. Since many couples eloping in the mountains are carrying everything with them, we wanted to strip down this day to the essentials. This meant we didn’t worry about a tablescape or ornate decorations that would not only be difficult to carry but also negatively alter the landscape. Instead, we focused on the clothing and some accessories, such as a bouquet. A lot of the inspiration was pulled from the color palette of the mountains themselves. Out here, everything stays green all summer long. Wildflowers bloom from June to August, dotting the high-alpine meadows in whites, yellows, purples, and pinks. The surrounding mountain’s rocky walls take on a deep blue color towards the end of the day. The scenery is harsh with its jagged rocks and steep cliff faces, yet peaceful and serene as the cliffs give way to wide, lush valleys. It’s very intimate, and the perfect backdrop for any couple looking to get married.

Describe your flowers.

Caitlin, our model (who also ran a successful wedding photography business in the US) actually made the bouquet! She is a floral wizard! She chose the flowers based on the outfit colors, but when a little more vibrant and bold. It was a nice mix of both boho and classic. Her choices matched the location and the mountains we were heading to perfectly.

Tell us about your attire choices.

For the outfits, we wanted something that would really show off, specifically Caitlin’s. Windswept, off-beat, and classy all at the same time. The dusty blue tulle skirt paired with a simple bush bodysuit was perfect. It moved easily, looked beautiful, and photographed stunningly. For Erik, her husband, we stuck with a simple navy suit that would compliment her. As an accent, Caitlin had made a gorgeous, bright, and vibrant bouquet that really added to the final outfit.

Event Credits

Wedding DressMr. Pretty Skirt
Groom’s AttireH&M
Bride’s ShoesKodiak Boots
Wedding DressH&M