Unique ribbon and lace diamond engagement ring

One of a Kind Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands.

You know I love me some unique colored wedding dresses. I also love me some unique wedding jewelry! After lots of research and back and forth I am happy to introduce you to out newest partnership with custom jewelry store Gemvara. Now I know, I know, dear readers, in these trying economic times who can afford custom jewelry? I asked Gemvara the same question, and they directed me to a number of options and prices.

Unique ribbon and lace diamond engagement ring
Ribbon and Lace Engagement Ring Almost Half off! $1,448

Diamond Wedding Band
Diamond Wedding Band also half off! $1,219

Rose Gold wedding band
Rose Gold Wedding Band $383

I love this wedding band. It’s a classic plain gold band. This style is timeless, but the rose gold makes it modern and edgy.

Unique Engagement Rings for Lux and Less

They also have a variety of Lux and Less options. So to help you all I’ll be posting Lux and Less jewelry options periodically. This week we have a Lux and Less version of engagement rings inspired by Kate Middleton’s ring, originally worn by Princess Diana. One is made of Diamonds, sapphire, and platinum. The other: sterling silver, blue topaz, and white sapphire and is a fraction of the price!!!


Lux: Diamonds, Sapphire and Platinum

Princess Kate Sapphire engagement ring
Princess Kate Sapphire Engagement Ring in platinum, diamonds, and sapphire $3,569



Less: White Sapphire, Blue Topaz, and Sterling Silver

Princess Kate Sapphire engagement ring look-a-like
Princess Kate Style Engagement Ring in Sterling Silver and Blue Topaz $569


Gemvara Street Cred:

  • Accredited with the Better Business Bureau
  • Seen in Print: Redbook, US, Entrepreneur, Engagement 101 Magazine, and Chrinos
  • Seen Online: Brides.com, Bridal Guide, Boston Business Journal, Boston Common, Redbook, USA Today, The Boston Globe, Tech Crunch, and The Huffington Post (To name just a few)