Gemvara Wedding and Engagement Rings

Customize your Style and Your Price

Mountain Brides know better than anyone how isolating the mountains can be.  It’s often hard to access the full range of resources you need for planning your wedding. Luckily, there’s the internet. Not near a jewelry store? Gemvara, one of Hindsight Brides patrons, has gorgeous engagement rings as well as lovely wedding bands to fit any taste or budget.

Custom engagement rings

One of the key reasons I chose Gemvara as a Hindsight Bride vendor is their selection. Not just their product selection, but also their price selection. They have a range of customizable options allowing you to have the design you want for the price you can afford. They have lux and less built right into their shopping experience. Choose a style that you love then customize the price by selecting different metals and stones.

Lux or Less Engagement Rings: Hindsight Picks

classic engagement ring GemvaraFirst Row: Sterling Silver with Rock Crystal $367 | White gold with diamond $4,447
Second Row:Yellow god with rock Crystal $614 | Yellow Gold with white sapphire $4463


lotus flower engagement ringFirst Row: Amethyst with white gold $1613 | White Gold with diamond $12,290
Second Row: Sterling silver with rock crystal and sapphire and diamond accents $1,205 | White gold with diamond and sapphire accents $ $5,255


Samantha engagement ringFirst Row: White gold with diamond $6,121 | White gold with white sapphire $2,534
Second Row: White gold with amethyst $882 | White gold with sapphire $2,560


Lux or Less Wedding Rings: Hindsight Picks

diamond wedding bandSterling silver with white sapphire $418 | White gold with diamond $ $748 | Platinum with diamond $1,218


classic wedding bandSterling silver $174 | White gold $316 | Yellow gold $390 | Platinum $632


knot wedding band
Sterling silver $192 | White gold $730 | Yellow Gold $737 | Platinum  $1,810