Geeky Save the Dates

Geek Week Deux

It all starts with the save the date cards, especially if your family and friend are scattered across the U.S. and will need to travel to attend your wedding. Give them a heads up with cute save the dates that express who you are as a couple (In this case you are a couple of geeks.)

floppy disk save the dates
Image from Kemba Celebrations on Etsy

Save the Dates can be a bit more casual even if your want a traditional formal wedding and reception. I just love these old-school floppy disks. You know, the ones that the "save" icon is based on? Classic! And who doesn't love the sweet kitschy vibe of using decoder glasses to see your Save the Date? I wonder if anyone has done one with lemon juice and instructions for decoding with a toaster…

red decoder save the dates
Image from Kellan Studios via Ruffled Blog

This is perhaps my favorite aspect of modern weddings. You are truly free to express who your are. You are not obligated to have a super formal affair if that is not your style. Hell, you can serve BBQ or pizza at your wedding nowadays (David Tuttera would throw up in his mouth a bit at this one, I know.) But it's true. All manner of down home, casual, kitschy, and handmade weddings are being featured in the blogosphere.