Uber Geeks Marriage Proposals: Video Games and NetFlix

Geek Week Numero Uno

A good friend of mine and über geek Apple developer has just proposed to his girlfriend of 3 years. YAAAAAAY! So in his honor, I thought I'd do a week of geeky inspiration, staring with proposal stories.

I asked him about his proposal and he said this:

We were watching netflix together and after a while I turned to her and proposed. She said yes. Then she told me we were going to maintain separate netflix accounts.

…ah love…

I am struck by the ways in which guys tell their stories–short and sweet. Ask me about my engagement and I'll ask if you have 20 minutes or more to spare.

Anyway, here's a sweetly geek engagement video in honor of "J" and his gal. Take notes "J." This guy made a freaking video game to propose!

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