Geeky Wedding Cakes

Geek Week Four

The one, the only, the ever popular XKCD inspired wedding cake, based on the "webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math and language. I would love to have something like this at my wedding, but I fear I may not be smart enough ;-)

XKCD cake
Image from Pink Cake Box

Bride and groom robots top the wedding cake of an Oklahoma geek chic wedding featured on Style Me Pretty

robot cake topper
Image from Carl and Cara Zoch via Style Me Pretty

Groom's cakes are a popular southern tradition and generally express the groom's interests. I guess this goes back to the custom of the bride and her mother doing all of the planning with little or no input from the groom because he cannot be trusted to make anything but tacky suggestions regarding style and decor. Thus, the groom's cake is a way for the groom to express his tacky male self. Many-a-grooms-cake in the South are adorned with sports team logos, beer cans, and fish and fishing tackle. Infamously was the red velvet armadillo groom's cake in Steel Magnolias. When you cut into the cake, it looked like the armadillo was bleeding. Classy!

ipod cakes
Image from Wedsmack

For the geek (especially one who currently lives in Cupertino and has tasted the joys of In-n-Out) these iPod and In-n-Out groom's cakes are perfectly geeky.

In-n-out grooms cake
Image from Jenny Liu Photography via Style Bridal

Let's face it, not everyone likes wedding cake. In fact, pie buffets are au courant in the wedding world. And if you're an Apple fanboy who works for happily Apple, why not an Apple pie that nods to the second love of your life? ;-)

pie with apple computers logo
Image from Larissa Meek