Funky Historic House Wedding pt 1 | Off Piste

We have another off piste wedding that caught my eye. I’m dividing this wedding into two parts. The first part is ideas you can apply to your mountain wedding. Although this wedding took place in New Orleans, there are a number of ideas and inspiration that can easily be applied to any mountain wedding (or any wedding for that matter.) The second part will be the ever popular real Hindsight Advice from the bride.

This first part is detail-heavy, but there’s a solid reason for that. I want to give you ideas that will transfer to a mountain wedding. So the point of the details is not for you to emulate them, but rather be inspired by them. So steal any of these ideas!

 1. Historic Houses

You can find historic houses and house museums in most mountain towns, just check with the local chamber of commerce. The Thomas Woolf House in Asheville and the Zachary-Tolbert House in Cashiers, NC comes to mind, as does the Haydon Cabin in Mammoth Lakes. Can’t find a historic house open to events? Try a fun and funky vacation rental or private residence. Again, start with the local Chamber of Commerce. The Wedding Bee boards are also a great place to mine other real brides for information.


2. Locally-inspired Foods

This couple married in New Orleans, so offering guests Beinet mix favors made sense. Beinet’s are hole-less donuts popular in New Orleans. Your mountain region doesn’t have to have a signature food for you to “go-local.” Look for local honey, local jam, or local fruits. There’s nothing like a sweet, juicy, locally grown apple for a fall wedding, or a tiny jar of jam or honey from a local produce stand or farmers market. Fruit favors especially can be an inexpensive and festive option for favors.


3. Fun and Simple Foods

Finger foods and small sandwiches are perfect for casual outdoor weddings, especially in the southern mountains. Curried sandwiches served on croissants are tasty, and filling. Serving such foods also lets your guests walk around and mingle during the reception, rather being stuck as tables all day or evening. I’d love to see this classic southern wedding reception style catch on in other mountain regions!


Yarn Wrapped DIY Centerpieces

I love this idea. Take simple glass jars and bottles, wrap them with colorful yarn, and voila! You have fun festive centerpiece vases for your DIY flowers.


 Non-floral Boutonnieres

Flowers aren’t the only thing you can use for boutonnieres. Really you can use anything: buttons, ribbons, cameos, paper flowers or pinwheels. I especially love these military metal inspired boutonnieres. It reminds me of my grandfather, who fought in WWII.


Cookies, little, cakes, and finger foods look better when they sit on stands that are different sizes, shapes and heights. It’s easy to make. Get instructions here, here, and here.


Totally Steal this Idea: Bread Basket Lighting

This reminds me that you can create fun lighting out of just about anything. Galvanized buckets come to mind, though you’d need some special tools to cut the metal. With these baskets, some pruning shears will do. Remove the bottoms and tie them to naked lights with pretty ribbon.


Team Wedding