French Alps Engagement | With Skis and Rocking Pink Jeans!

Not only are Kristell and  Dominique a beautiful couple, they’re my kind of people. Any girl who is equally at home on skis as she is rockin’ the pink jeans is a girl after my own heart. But wait, she also looks dreamy on Dominique’s arm in a white summer dress. But seriously, back to the skis. This couple reminds me of the Hindsight Grrom and me. We can never wait for winter to come. Hell, there’s no snow in the eastern Sierra so we can’t ski on our new skis, but that doesn’t stop us from “trying them on” in the living room several times a week.

engagement band with diamonds

From the Bride

We live in Geneva, Switzerland and are together since 2007 and really happy to organise our wedding in the mountains.  Our story really started an afternoon while we were skying in Switzerland and we never stopped loving each other everyday more!

Here are some of our engagement session pictures taken by our photographer, not specialized in wedding photography but really talented in capturing light effects.

If you want to know a little more about us, do not hesitate to ask, my English is not so good but I can still try to write something :)

I can’t wait to be on the Big Day, and share all the wonderfull wedding pictures I hope we will have :)

engagement session pink pants, white shirt and neutral flats

bride and groom jump in pink jeans and blue jeans

French engagement session in the Alps

I will love you forever tee shirt

a couple with skis in summer

couple playing with skis and fur hats in summer

couple jumping with skis and holding a banner with their wedding date

couple walks toward a cow pasture

couple in a pastoral cow pasture

couple in a pastoral meadow

Team Engagement

French wedding photographer


Josh Fassbind is a Swiss photographer specializing in environmental portraiture. He studied at the International Center of Photography in New York and he has been shooting for various international clients on commercial and editorial assignments. He is Currently working on different personal projects using controlled lighting to bring out the personalities of his subjects. Although wedding and engagement photography are not his prime specialization, he enjoys capturing these special moments through his sleek vision and technique