Forget the Cake, Let them Drink Booze

Bridal Koolaid Cocktail Hour episode #2

We’re back with another episode of BKCH with the Rogue Bride, where we explore the oft ignored corners of Wedding Word and share real stories and real prices. This week we interviewed Rachel from Black Market Bakery.  Rachel shared information about:

  • How bakers determine what to charge for wedding cakes
  • How to properly transport a wedding cake
  • Tips on decorating your own wedding cake (hint, go with asymmetry)
  • Questions to ask your baker

This week the Rogue Bride also shares her stories finding a florist and a photographer; we talk about practical jokes at weddings, and dish on the Wedding Merchants Business Academy meeting.

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We received the following listener question about our swearing policy.

Listener Question: In the last episode you missed bleeping out a few swear words. I was listening to your show at work! You should be more careful.
BCKH Answer: The BKCH is not safe for work. We do bleep out some swearing, but only it’s funnier to bleep it out than not.

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