Foodie Love Meets DIY Inspiration

Are These Really Chocolate Cakes in a Can?

When I was actively planning for my wedding, everything became imbued with possibilities. Hindsight Groom didn't get it when I would see things like lawn ornaments, twigs and chicken wire and say, "ooh ooh, we could use that for the wedding." I have been thinking of that head space a lot lately. As such, have begun expanding my blog horizon, and lookie what I found! Yummy desserts and DIY inspiration on a foodie blog!

Image from Cannelle et Vanille

That looks like chocolate brownie cakes serves in tin cans painted white. How brilliant! My cheapie DIY heart is all a flutter.

It reminds me of one of my favorite Martha recipes: Warm Chocolate Pudding Cakes with Caramel Sauce. I can totally see DIY-ing a couple of dozen of these for a small rehearsal dinner, small intimate wedding, or a dessert reception.