chandelier at a rustic barn wedding

Where to Find Chandeliers | Friday Mail Bag

Reader Question

"I am in search of a chandelier for my wedding in September. Our theme is very romantic, ivory/white in color, mason jars, pearls, etc. I saw some chandeliers on your website – can you give me any information on where I can look to purchase any of them?"

Would appreciate the help so very much! Thanks!

Lacy B.

chandelier at a rustic barn wedding
Lisa Lefkowitz
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It's not surprise that I received this reader question last week. The chandelier wedding trends post is one of the most popular on Hindsight Bride. So where does a mountain bride find such cool decor elements? Great question!

I'll admit, this is a tough one for mountain brides, who tend to live in very rural, often isolated areas. We just don't have the huge flea markets, multiple thrift stores, and badass estate sales that our city sisters enjoy. Nor do our hipster neighbors leave funky furniture and design pieces on the sidewalk for us to co-opt in to our weddings. Nope, we mountain brides have to be savvy about these things.

wedding chandelier covered with romantic roses
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Finding Chandeliers Online

  • Post your wish list on a discussion board (or your blog if you have one.) The way I met Jess from A Mountain Bride was she was looking for burlap for her tables. I had just gotten married and had a bunch of burlap runners from my own tables. Bingo! I mailed Jes the runners and was pound to see them grace her wedding pictures. Try:
  • Other online resources include:
    • (links to chandelier section)
    • Ebay (links to chandelier section)
    • Etsy (An eclectic collection of handmade lighting, including mason jar chandeliers and upcycled vintage chandeliers. (links to chandelier section)

pretty chandelier painted pink
Etsy Seller DSandD

Finding Chandeliers Locally

  • Your nearest Craigslist
  • Check to see if there's a vintage rental company in a city near you. (i.e. San Francisco or L.A. for California mountain brides; Denver for Colorado mountain brides, Asheville or Atlanta for western North Carolina Brides, and NYC, Boston, Burlington, or Hartford, CT for New England mountain brides.
  • Schedule a trip to your nearest city for a treasure-hunting trip. Make sure to do your research. Identify the locations of thrift stores online before hand. Look for estate sales and yard sales in local classified sections of online  newspapers. Then develop an itinerary for your trip.

chandelier before up-cycle

chandelier after up-cycle
Design Sponge

Other Tips for Finding Chandeliers:

  • Start early. It takes time to find items online, or even locally. If you know you want a specialty piece like a chandelier, start looking at least 6 months before your wedding day.
  • Plan a weekend getaway and treasure hunting expedition to the nearest major with your fiance or your girlfriends.
  • Can't find a pretty chandelier? Is everything you find fugly? No worries. Don't underestimate what a can of paint can do. You can go with classic gold or silver in a pretty metallic paint. You can opt for shabby chic white or ivory. You can also use your wedding colors, whether bright, or pale.
    • OR you can do something totally funky, like wrap it in twine, galvanized wire or colorful yarn for a cool, rustic look.

Good Luck!