Bridal Blog Awards and My Favorite Wedding Bloggers

Vote for Hindsight Bride, but vote for others too!

Carrie Underwood as a metaphor for bridal awards
Can I too be like Carrie Underwood and double fist the awards?
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When I was planing my own wedding, blogs were my saving grace. Many of my favorites offered alternative views and fresh inspiration that the bridal magazines were slower to recognize. You can find most of them on my blog love list.

Every year, a fresh crop of faces surfaces in the blogosphere. I happy to be one of them. And every year there are a number of websites that ask you to vote for your favorites. Two of which I have been nominated 1) Bride Tide's Top Wedding Blogs for 2011 and 2) Wedzilla Guru Awards. In addition to giving myself a shameless plug and asking for your vote (which I am am extremely shy about doing,) I thought I would also share with you the fabulous bloggers who have won my votes this year. While there are many many fabulous resources out there, these are my favorites for their fresh and original content.

My favorite fresh bloggers

  1. The Knotty Bride: I love Alison's real, down-to-earth writing juxaposed with gorgeous wedding inspiration and details. You get everything with her, great writing and fabulous eye candy
  2. Dog n Bird takes the cake for eye candy and fresh new ideas. You can also find lots of DIY inspiration and the occasional giveaway (like her jam labels today!)
  3. Whimsical Wonderland Weddings Lou offers a British perspective on wonderful weddings and finds some of teh most unique and fun weddings.
  4. Cap Classique When I need a dose of elegant and extrodinarily beautiful, I head over to Gaby's blog full of exquisite South African weddings and inspiration.
  5. Bridal Hood I just started following Bridal Hood, but I love already. Another awesomely quirky blogger who writes about a variety of wedding related goodness. She has gorgeous real weddings, fun play lists, great guest posts for and from other bloggers, great inspirationa nd cool details.

Voting Rules

Bride Tide is looking for fresh blogs that have not been listed in their 2010 line up. You vote by leaving a comment.

Wedzilla is looking for wedding only blogs. You have to sign in/up to vote.

Both contests run for a few months.