Fairytale Romance on the Mendocino, CA Coast

Once upon a time, on the stunning Mendocino coast of California, a fairytale romance bloomed. Through the salty air and crashing waves, two souls found each other and fell deeply in love. The rolling hills and rugged cliffs of this magical place provided the perfect backdrop for their storybook romance. Yet, as with any great fairy tale, obstacles arose, and the couple found themselves drifting apart. But true love never fades away and with the help of this idyllic setting, they were able to mend their once-tattered relationship. Now, they continue to write their own fairytale, one that will forever be etched in the memories of the stunning Mendocino coast.

Experience the enchanting Mendocino Coastline through the eyes of Alice and Tyson, who chose Mendocino, CA as their destination for their fairytale wedding weekend! The couple exchanged vows at the edge of Cypress Grove, with majestic forest surroundings and breathtaking views as their witness. The celebration continued at Agate Cove, where guests were treated to a reception fit for royalty. Seated at a whimsical royal table adorned with the couple’s customized family crest, the groom even sported a sword, adding to the magical atmosphere. We are sharing the moments of this truly remarkable wedding!