Etsy Eye Candy: Vintage Cameras

Vintage Camera Inspiration:

I am thrilled to see vintage odds and ends gracing the tables instead of gigantic floral arange. Vintage cameras, books, binoculars, and the now ubiquitous vintage glass all add character and class to tablescapes. (Why do I keep using that word; it drives me bonkers!) Anyway, you have to start early. Below are some Esty finds to get you started.

Vintage Camera Centerpiece
Image from

I love the idea of having vintage cameras for a guest photo booth. Working cameras are somewhat easy to find in thrift stores, but not as easy as old broken cameras are. Broken cameras=cool centerpieces; working camera=awesome guest photobooth. Again, start your hunt early. Don't put this off until the last minute. Make sure you can find the proper film and place to develop it.  I would start at least 8 months before W-Day.

Vintage Camera Station
Image from the Ritsy Bee

Etsy Vintage Camera Finds:

Vintage Nikon Camera
1938 Kodak 35 $50 from Etsy Seller SlothArt


Vintage Camera from Etsy
Antique Kodak Eastman $32 from Esty seller VictoriaCharlotte


Vintage Duflex camera
Vintage Duaflex III $25 from Etsy Seller FalconandFinch


Vintage Brownie Hawkeye Camera
Vintage Brownie Hawkeye Camera $6 from Etsy Seller mbaugher

Working Cameras!

Vintage Argus Camera

Vintage Argus 75 Camera $30 from Etsy Seller FalconandFinch


Vintage Ansco Flex Camera
Vintage Ansco Anscoflex twin lens reflex 620 film camera $22 from Etsy Seller Canemah


 Vintage Working Detrola Model D Camera
Vintage Working Detrola Model D Camera $35 from Etsy Seller FalconandFinch


Caveat Emptor, Let the Buyer Beware

I'll say it again. Do your homework and start early, especially if you plan to have a vintage photo booth.

  • Make sure to can buy or modify film that will work with your vintage camera.
  • Find someone who can develop it.
  • Spend some time playing around with your cameras. Get to know how they work so can provide adequate instructions to guests who will be using them