Etsy Eye Candy: Vintage Bridal Booties

OMG I Freaking Love These!

Fall is here and I have been on the hunt for the perfect pair of booties. I am so in love with these cute white vintage booties that I want to marry them. (Or at least get married in them.) Check out the texture the tiny little holes make, and the super sweet ankle buckle. Sadly, I don't think Hindsight Groom is into another wedding at this point. We are in the mist of a huge project and it's pure chaos at the house. The added stress of another wedding…not cool.

But for you, you vintage bride looking for an ultra cool pair of kicks, or you modern bride looking for something different, go to PlanetClaireVintage and buy these. Wear them at your bad-ass wedding, then send me pictures!

Vintage White Booties
Image from PlanetClaireVintage