Etsy Eye Candy: Faking DIY

Yesterday I posted on the do's and dont's of DIY. As a follow up, I thought I'd offer those brides and couples who are–for whatever reason– not so keen on DIY, a few Etsy finds that give your wedding the charming DIY look without the work.

MissPicklesPress is from Atlanta, GA and has a nice Southern vibe to her products. These utensil pouches are great for a casual BBQ or picnic reception. I've noticed that BBQ is gaining popularity as a trend as weddings get smaller and more causal in 2010.

BBQ utensil bags
From MissPicklesPress on Etsy

There is something uniquely luscious and green and bountiful about the southern mountains. The forests here are rich and full of life. I find that few things express the vibe in Appalachia better than mossy goodness. TheTreasuredPetal has a number of other rustic-inspired items in addition to this pillow.

moss and nest ring pillow
From TheTreasuredPetal on Etsy


Ahhhhh the ubiquitous hand painted wedding sign. Hindsight groom and I had one only because Hindsight Groom is an artist. Left to my own devices, I would have gone without. Or, if I were lucky, I would have purchased this basic wooden wedding sign from TrueConnections on Etsy.

wedding sign
From TrueConnection on Etsy


And next we have the increasingly popular bunting. Again, while I could have swung this one–and I did make a valiant start when we were completing our own DIY projects–if it weren't for the Hindsight Groom teaching me to use his grandmother's sewing machine, I would have been buying my bunting from PamWares on Etsy.

homemade bunting
From PamWares on Etsy


What's not to love about these? What will you put in them? Flower seeds, favors, candy? Check them out at SunshineAndRavioli's Etsy shop.


From SunshineAndRavioli on Etsy


MissPicklesPress again offers sweet cotton muslin wedding pouches for invitations, ceremony programs, favor bags, or anything else you can thing of.

Muslin Invites
From MissPicklesPress on Etsy


Want more? Just go to Etsy, choose "handmade" from the pull down menu, and type in "rustic wedding" in the search field.

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