mrs bridal hanger

Etsy Eye Candy: Custom Bridal Hangers

Adorable Bridal Hangers from LilaFrances on Etsy

mrs bridal hanger
Image from Megan W Photography via LilaFrances on Etsy

Recently I've been seeing these adorable hangers with the bottom wire spelling the brides name spelled out in cursive, and I love them. Thanks to Angela's comment on yesterday's real Lake Eden wedding, I found LilaFrances, the Etsy seller who makes them.

custom name hanger for bridesmaids
Image from Megan W Photography via LilaFrances on Etsy

I think a special hanger for the wedding gown is important: for pictures, for care of the gown, and for the luxury of it. OK, I know the last is not the greatest excuse, and maybe the first is a bit shallow too, but that's how I am. Also, LilaFrances does not recommend these for long term storage so the second reason is out too! Let's face it they are vanity hangers, but adorable, sweet, special, romantic, wonderful vanity hangers. To be fair, you can borrow a nice hanger. I borrowed a nice cedar hanger from my mother in law.

custom grooms hanger
Image from LilaFrances on Etsy

OK, back to my point. These personalized hangers offer such a sweet memento of the day and not only for the bride. You can also give one as a gift to bridesmaids, the groom, mother, flower girls, ring bearer, mother in law or anyone else you might want to honor. She makes small hangers too, which are perfect for children or decorations (like the bride and groom chairs at the reception.)

miniature custom hangers
Image from
LilaFrances on Etsy

You can choose one of LilaFrances words or personalize it with your own. There is a 14 character limit and a heart counts for two characters.

  • love
  • at last
  • the one
  • sexy
  • forever
  • cake
  • mrs smith (as long as the last name isn't too long)
  • i <3 u joanie + chachi (please indicate whether you'd like a "+," "&," or a "heart" between the names)

heart shaped hanger
Image from LilaFrances on Etsy

~ As a DIY cake bride, I would have chosen the "cake" hanger. What would you choose?