couple sits on a wooden bridge in Calico Basin, Las Vegas

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Jamie and Keith Show Exactly What You Need For a Great Photo Shoot

Rogue Bride sent me a fabulous post about prop vomit the other day. Haha, prop vomit, great turn of phrase, no? I love it. No seriously. I LOVE it. I love all sorts of prop vomit:  balloons and picnic baskets and cupcakes, and mason jar filled drinks and vintage typewriters. I think they can help tell a couple’s story. But I’m not foolish enough to think props are the only way to tell a story. Can you go over board with the props? Who knows? But Jamie and Keith show you don’t necessarily need them to have a lovely photo shoot.

couple sits on a wooden bridge in Calico Basin, Las Vegas

All you really need for a great photo shoot is a lovely location and maybe some fun clothes. Nope actually, regular old jeans or chinos will do just fine. (But I do love Jaimie’s white sun dress and chunky turquoise necklace. Just sayin’…)

Chelsy Cardin photographed the couple in Calico Basin in Red Rock Canyon just outside of Las Vegas. I love finding these lush little oases in the dessert. As an aside, Red Rock Canyon is one of my favorite rock climbing areas. And you thought Vegas was only good for drinking, gambling, and general debauchery. Nope!

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