Eco Week- Vintage Eco-Chic Real Wedding Find

{An oldie but goodie: Vintage Eco-Chic Wedding}

Need proof that eco-chic and vintage weddings are more than just a passing fad? Check out this real wedding from 2005! Before eco-chic hit the mainstream and "green" weddings became the new white wedding, this couple created a sweet, vintage-inspired, budget-friendly, green wedding based on (now) tried and true eco-friendly ideas.

Real eco chic wedding

Image from Snippet and Ink

While there are now tons of eco-chic real weddings in the wedding blogosphere, Christina and Patty's 2005 Vintage Eco-Chic wedding stood out to me because it is a) five years old and still relevant and beautiful, and b) a little primer for eco-chic weddings.

Tags on Guest Glasses
Image from Snippet and Ink

Tried and True Green Strategies:

  1. Incorporate as many vintage elements as possible. When you use vintage items, you are using what is already on the earth rather than creating more stuff.
  2. Assign guests a single glass with a cute little name tag on it, cutting down on dish-washing resources at the end of the night.
  3. Keep the guest list small. Christina and Patty entertained 85 guests.
  4. Serve locally grown foods when possible. Christina and Patty served figs from a backyard tree.
  5. Use potted plants and live moss instead of cut flowers for centerpieces. Later the centerpieces did double duty as favors, as guests were encouraged to take them home.

The best part: many of these eco-chic tips are also budget friendly tips: limiting the guest list; using vintage elements from eBay, thrift stores, and once worn wedding dress sites; reducing the number of dishes and glasses used; foregoing cut flowers. Going green can actually save you money, lots of money.