Easy DIY Bridal Bouquet with a Tussie Mussie

Use a Tussie Mussie for a Simple, No-Fuss DIY Bridal Bouquet

pewter tussie mussie
Image from Orange and Blossom

I have been working on this post for over a year now. And by working on this post, I mean I've been thinking, "gee, I should do a post on Tussie Mussies." It occurred to me today when I saw Dog-n-Bird's post entitled, Language: Tussie Mussie Flower Language  that working on something and thinking about it are not always the same thing. I knew the time had come for me to get off my duff and on the ball with my post. So here 'tis…

I fell in love with Tussie Mussies the first time I stumbled upon one while planning my wedding. In the simplest sense, a tussie mussie is either a small bouquet or a Victorian-era holder for a small bouquet. 

ivory tussie mussie bouquet holder
Image from Heirloom Emporium

What I especially love about tussie mussies are how easy they are. Basically, you just chuck a small number of flowers into the thing and go. No hand tying ribbon; no fussing with floral foam. Just chuck-n-go. They're simply fantastic for the I-need-It-To-Be-Super-Easy DIY Bride

tussie mussie with spray roses
Image from Oprah.com

As Bird, from Dog-n-Bird noted, another element of the tussie mussie is what she called the language of flowers. She writes,

"Historically a Victorian bridal bouquet, the tussie mussie tells a story or sends a message using the language of flowers. [Such as]… mint for virtue, a single pink rose for grace, and thistle for nobility."

Bird thought it might be fun to get the maids together with bunches of meaningful flowers and have a tussie mussie making party. I concur Bird; what a splendid idea!

I might also add that these small holders would make elegant gifts to your bridesmaids.

silver tussie mussie
Image from PolkaDot Bride

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