Don’t Make Thanking Someone a Burden | Lookback Lesson #8

Oh how I love the Rogue Bride. With her wedding approaching fast, she gives me endless inspiration and Hindsight fodder. Last week she announced that her wedding invitations had arrived. Read about how she cleverly slashed the costs of printing and mailing her wedding invitations.

Bride writing thank you cards

Here’s my hindsight tip:

Write your thank you card as soon as you get your gift. Why? 1) Because the excitement of getting that set of Riedel glasses is freshest within a 24 hour time span, so your thank you note will be lovely, personal and from the heart. 2) Writing 100 or so thank you cards in one sitting after your wedding sucks. The quality of the notes (not to mention your handwriting) will diminish with each one if you do them all at once.

Thanking someone should not be a burden. In fact it isn’t. It’s a way to connect, and foster a relationship. But leave those thank you cards until the last minute and a burden it shall become. Trust me.

Even my twenty-some-odd last-minute wedding gifts, combined with the handful of vendor thank yous seemed daunting at first. But I sat down after the wedding and wrote 2 or 3 each morning until they were done. It took a week or so. Don’t put yourself in the position of burdening yourself with writing hundreds of thank you notes for weeks on end after the wedding. It will only rob you of a precious time to enhance your relationships with the people you love.