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Here’s one of my favorite pieces of advice from the Hindsight Bride archive:

I wish I hadn’t taken on so many DIY projects.  In the last weeks and days before the wedding, I was still trying to finish things.  If my mom hadn’t been there the week before to help, most of it wouldn’t have gotten done!

~ Elise, Lake Eden, North Carolina

Hindsight Advice-Wish I hadn't Done Some Much DIY

 It’s easy to get wrapped up in a zillion DIY projects. There’s so much inspiration on the internet and many projects seem so straight forward: You can do it, no problem! Until you’re looking at DIY invitations, chargers, menus, escort carts, centerpieces, bouquets, ceremony programs, table numbers, and bridesmaids gifts.

Now multiply all of that stuff by 100 or 200, depending on your guest count. It’s exhausting just writing about it. Instead:

  • Pick a handful of DIY projects and leave the rest to someone else
  • Pick DIY projects you can start early and stagger during your wedding planning process. For example, start your paper projects months before your wedding. Do a few paper flowers or invitations, or origami each night while watching TV or relaxing. They’ll be done before you know it.
  • Only tackle one or two DIY projects that are last minute items. Do flower market bouquets OR cookie favors, not both. Again 150 cookie favors take a lot longer than you think!

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