DIY Succulent Wedding Favors In Six Easy Steps

I know I’m not the only one out there totally addicted to Michaels. Seriously, I should buy stock in the company: My craft closet looks like Michaels blew up in there. So I am thrilled to introduce Michaels as a Mountainside Bride sponsor. And today we’re bringing you a step-by-step guide for creating succulent wedding favors.

Supplies You’ll Need:

Everything except the succulents can be found at Michaels.

  • Punch-out stamp (Optional. You can always cut out simple squares, in which case I recommend a paper cutter.)
  • Glue gun
  • Bamboo skewers (Or thin dowels.)
  • Moss
  • Twine
  • Succulents (Typically $1.50 each)
  • Ribbon (I found grosgrain green ribbon in the sale bin for $1 per roll.)
  • Cardstock
  • Small pails (You can use galvanized, white, ceramic, or anything that strikes your fancy. Typically $1 each.)

Steps by Step Instructions

Step One:

Print out your monogram, making sure there is plenty of space between each for punching or cutting out.


  • Use http://dafont.com to find pretty fonts for free.
  • Print a test sheet on plain white paper to test margins and spacing

Step Two:

Glue the ribbon to the pail and finish with a twine bow.


  • Glue ribbon fairly low on the pail so the ribbon doesn’t have gaps.
  • Start by putting a little dab of glue on the pail and securing one end of the ribbon.
  • Pull ribbon tight and wrap all the way around the pail and secure with another dab of glue.
  • To tighten any gaps or irregularities, push ribbon towards the top of the pail.
  • Optional: You can trim with pinking shears to keep the ribbon from fraying. You can also put a glue dot behind the front of the ribbon to secure it. Don’t use your glue gun in the front as it’s too bulky.
  • Finish by tying twine around the ribbon and securing with a bow.
  • Optional: To hold the twine in place, you can put a little “glue dot” behind the bow.

Step Three:

Make the mini monogrammed signs by punching out your monograms. Punch out blanks for the back. Cut skewers to 4 or 5 inches with regular scissors. Secure monogram to skewers with hot glue. Carefully glue blank back, being careful to line up the edges.


  • Cut all of your monograms blanks and skewers first and set up an assembly line.
  • You don’t have to worry about whether the skewer segment has a point. Blunt segments will easily push into the dirt.
  • Take your time centering the punch over your monogram. Tug gently into position.

Step Four:

Gently release the succulent from its original container and transfer it to the pail. (This is messy)


  • Line your workstation with old newspaper for easy cleanup.
  • Break up the root and shake excess dirt away before placing it in your pail. You can always add more dirt as needed. You don’t want to get your ribbon dirty!
  • Keep a damp sponge on hand to wipe smudges off your pail and ribbon.
  • For a living favor, drill a small hole in the bottom of the pail for drainage. (Clay pots usually have drainage holes, galvanized pots typically don’t.)

Step Five:

Cover the dirt and roots with decorative moss.


  • Be sure to break the moss up into smaller pieces.
  • Water the succulents BEFORE covering with moss.

Step Six:

Gently insert your monogrammed sign behind the succulent.


  • Try to slip in between the back of the pail and the roots rather than in the middle of the root system. This will help prevent damage to the roots.

Step Seven:

Offer to your guests as a favor. You can either place one at each setting, or arrange them at a favor station, or even tie a table number tag to the handle and have them do double duty as escort cards.


  • Transport succulents in a cardboard or plastic “flat,” making sure that they are packed tightly enough to prevent movement.
  • When transporting, lay a damp kitchen towel down on your car floor or trunk and place the “flat” full of favors on top. The towel will prevent the container from shifting while you drive.
  • Bring some “glue dots” or a glue gun on site with you to fix any drooping ribbon.
  • You can replace the succulents with potted flowers if you’d like.
  • Download Michaels iPhone or Android app to get exclusive deals on the fly when you’re shopping ;-)