Vintage Printable Placemats

DIY Friday | Honest DIY Advice and Free Vintage Placemats

I recently found a new totally awesome blog called The Printerie and I want to share it with you. She's a South African blogger who also does graphic design and event planning AND give lots of free printables. There are two things by Lucky No 9 that you totally need to check out this week.

wedding DIY party

FIRST: Bianca-Jade Packham, the creative talent behind Lucky No 9 and regular guest on The Pretty Blog, has some killer DIY advice over on The Pretty Blog. For all you ladies and gents planning a big DIY wedding, Bianca-Jade delivers down-to-earth, give-it-to-you-straight, no-sugar-coating advice on DIY projects. For example, if you're not really that crafty, don't take on a whole bunch of crafty projects! The implication of course is crafting isn't as easy as it looks. Amen to that, sister! Other less common advice she offers is:

  1. Don't assume DIY is cheap
  2. If you get in over your head, ask for help (and have some reserve in your budget for this)
  3. And less is more (Don't take on too much)

Do head over and read the full post. You'll be enlightened to be sure.

SECOND, for your DIY delight , and crafty ease, Bianca-Jade shared these amazingly fantastic prinable vintage-inspired placemats (also posted on The Pretty Blog.) Click to Download Vintage Placemates And be sure to check it out and start following these two delightful blogs!

Vintage Printable Placemats