DIY Custom Wine Lables: Part II Adding Your Labels

We designed our own wine labels. To find fun fonts and Photoshop brushes check out and Note: The bird woodcut was a Photoshop brush. The design was done in Photoshop and the Final Layout was done in InDesign. You should be able to download a 30-day trial at


Step 1: Make sure you have a well-ventilated work space. I worked outside on my lower deck. I made sure to pick a day that was not windy and had a low pollen count. I cannot stress enough the importance of working in a well-ventilated workspace. The fumes from the adhesive and sealer are strong, even outdoors.

open space for wine labels

Step 2: Lay out your labels flat. I protected the wooden workbench below by laying down paper and pinning it down.

Pinned wine labels

Step 3: I sprayed the sealer on first. I only used sealer for the Chardonnay labels, to protect it from water when it is submerged in ice. Make sure you hold the sealer approximately 18" from the wine labels. spray in a sweeping motion, taking care not to spray so hard that the labels will be blown around.


Step 4a: I used 3M General Purpose adhesive, which works well on glass. I allowed the sealed labels to dry for about 20 minutes before flipping them over and spraying on the adhesive. Again, be careful to spray at a distance. You don't want to saturate them or have them blow around. I sprayed one label at a time, gently picking it up, eyeballing when I wanted it, and gently  it  there.

3M craft adhesive

Step 4b: Once I had one label done, I used it as a guide to ensure that all of the labels were straight and at the same height.

finished chardonnay labels

TADA! The final product at the wedding.

final DIY wine labels