DIY Cupcake Wrappers

The only Thing I love More than Cupcakes is Cupcake Wrappers

I found this awesome little tutorial from Judy over on Domestic Goddess Adventures. The hardest part is getting the template right. You need to make sure the template you make is a bit wider that the sample wrapper you deconstruct to make it. Otherwise, it's pretty straight forward: grab your pretty paper, craft punch and scissors, and any other embellishments and go to town.


DIY cupcake wrappers made from scrapbooking paper


  • Pretty scrap booking paper or heavy card stock
  • Craft supplies of your choosing: craft scissors, craft punch, rhinestones, embellishments, stamps, glitter, embossing powder, whatever!
  • A plain old sample cupcake wrapper to make the template
  • double stick tape or a glue gun

Step 1: Disassemble a sample cupcake wrapper

disassembling a DIY cupcake wrapper


Step 2: Use the sample to draw a template. While Judy did not do this, I would recommend drawing your template on sturdy paper first. One you have the right proportions and are satisfied with your template, transfer it to a piece of cardboard, which won't deteriorate after dozens of uses.

making a template for a DIY Cupcake Wrapper

Step 3: Embellish your wrappers with stamps, craft punches, craft scissors, or anything else in your your vision

Stamped DIY cupcake wrapper

Step Four: Secure around each cupcake with double sided tape or an thin line of glue from the glue gun.

Cupcakes in DIY wrappers

Hindsight Tip for the DIY Bride:

Judy used double-sided tape. You may also want to use a glue gun.

If you use double sided tape, you will have to assemble the wrappers and stuff them with cupcakes either the night before or the day of your wedding. Otherwise you risk getting frosting all over the wrappers during transport. It's best to stuff each wrapper onsite. If you're wrapping cupcakes yourself, you may consider securing each wrapper with a glue gun ahead of time.  Glue guns glue is sturdier and can travel well, allowing you to create and assemble each wrapper well in advance, saving you assembly time. Gently pile them into a box for transport and wrap your cupcakes onsite.

If your baker or another person is taking sole responsibility for them, ask if you can drop off the unassembled wrappers with a roll of double-stick tape and let them take care of putting them together.

Remember, many of these crafts are easy in small scale: It's easy to make a dozen wrappers and stuff cupcakes into them. It's a whole different story when you are making 200!