Dear Bloggers | Link Round Up and Hindsight Thoughts

I am still wrapping my head around the result of last week’s guest post: Dear Bloggers, You Suck. I have been writing journal page after journal page of my thoughts. I have a handful of blog drafts in the queue. And I have been emailing many of you discussing the finer points of the post. I really want to write a fuller post about my own thoughts, feelings, and editorial policies, but just can’t get them into a coherent format.

Life is wonderful and imperfectImage from Lollipops Handmade Stationary via Pinterest

So I decided to post a link round-up of responses from around the web. I have left comments on most of them, so you’re able to get a glimmer of where I stand on the issue and what I think are the most salient points and most important questions it raises. I have marked the ones I’ve responded to with a heart. I encourage you to read the comments. I think that’s where you’ll  find the real meat of the conversation.

There were a few public bridal threads that weighed in on the conversation. I alsways find it interesting to see what real brides are thinking.