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Day-of Organization | Lookback Lesson #7

Wedding Timeline Worksheets

This post is a practical one, dedicated to all of you who have decided to forgo a professional planner, or day-of coordinator, and to those of you who are arranging a college student or friendor to serve as your day-of coordinator. (Ehem, Rogue Bride!)

wedding day timeline

If you haven’t already heard, I have agreed to do the day-of coordination at Rogue Bride’s wedding this June. This is your classic situation where I’ve only planned one wedding before – my own.

Now here’s a secret: weddings aren’t magic. They are highly complex, carefully coordinated events. But with advanced planning (I’m not the day-of coordinator; I’m the month-of coordinator) and a few helpful worksheets, Rogue will think her wedding was the smoothest, most streamlined wedding in the world!

In fact, I am a huge proponent of some sort of wedding day coordination, preferably NOT by a family member. When I was planning, I heard someone say, “let your guests be guests.” While there’s plenty of opinions regarding this out there, I don’t regret having a DIY cut-off for my own friends and family on my wedding day. It was nice just to hang out, eat, and dance without having to worry about whether or not it was time to cut the cake, or what-have-you.

So I’ve offered to be that person for Rogue. And, as we’re now 10 weeks away from her wedding day, I figured it was time to start organizing the basics. I went back to my own wedding planning archives and pulled out my own timeline and immediately got stuck. My timeline was thoroughly customized to my DIY wedding; it incorporated all of my DIY projects as well as the time I needed to make my own 4-tier wedding cake!

This would not do for Rogue. So I went out in search of a good wedding timeline. I found a lot of garbage. THANKFULLY, Meg from a Practical Wedding has us covered (of course.) She has spreadsheets for both formal weddings and DIY weddings. I also found a great spreadsheet on the Weddingbee.

By way of example, I’ve also included my spreadsheets and contact sheets for my Über DIY $5000 wedding.

Wedding Day Timeline Downloads: