Lovely Wedding Invitations for Mountain Brides

Remember last month when I talked about David’s Bridal being a one-stop-shop for nearly everything you need for your wedding? Well this month I figured I’d give you my personal mountain bride picks for wedding invitations.

Eco Friendly Letterpress! {swoon}

Leading the pack are these amazing letterpress invitations. And the best part: all of David’s Bridal letterpress invitations are priced well under $5! For letterpress! Letterpress can cost upwards of $10 and $20 for each invitation. So getting letterpress for under $5 is a sweet deal. Not only are these gorgeous, they’re also eco-friendly. I love the designs. The twig, vine and bird motifs are especially perfect for mountain brides. Want something natural? Go for a green leaf design. Looking for something more formal? Try an elegant monogram surrounded by a nest of leaves and two love birds in a romantic blue hue.

green leaf eco-friendly letterpress wedding invitation by Davids Bridal

bird and monogram eco-friendly letterpress wedding invitation by Davids Bridal

Invitations Bursting with Color

I love bright colors. They’re so fun and modern. For mountain brides, choosing a floral design roots your invitation in the natural beauty of the mountains while remaining fun, modern, and exciting. These invitations would be equally fitting for a backyard picnic wedding, a hipster wedding in a trendy restaurant or loft, even a more formal outdoor wedding under a grand tent.

fun bright orange wedding invitation by Davids Bridal

turquoise wedding invitation by Davids Bridal

hot pink wedding invitation by Davids Bridal


Under $70

And finally, here is what David’s Bridal is truly known for: providing affordable options for everything from the gown to the decor to (of course) the invitations. I especially love the first invitation with the little birds in the corner, the couples names written in that cool scripted font, and the bright green envelope liner. This would be my top pick if I were to get married again, and you simply cannot beat the 60 cent a pop price point! Think of it, you can buy 100 invitations for a mere $60 bucks! The second invitation is equally fantastic with an equally fantastic price. The monogram and butterfly in royal purple wrapped in ribbon is at one elegant and whimsical. Love them both!

Davids Bridal Green with Birds Budget Wedding Invitation

Davids Bridal Purple with Butterfly and ribbon Budget Wedding Invitation


Catch the Sale

Right now David’s is having a sale. You can save 20% on all of your wedding invitation orders and get free shipping on orders over $150.