Cyd is Rockin’ the Pretty Pink Wedding Details

Seriously, Cyd is Rockin' My Face Off on Pinterest

Cyd from The Sweetest Occasion is rockin the Pinterest this afternoon with one pretty pink picture after another. Check out her pinterest action. I've never been one for pink. But recently I've been more and more drawn to the color. Far from the froo-froo saccharin pinks of the eighties, today's pinks can be soft and romantic or bold and funky. Of course, it's now five o'clock PST and I realize a majority of these pretty pink images are of drinks. Let's call it a visual, bloggy Freudian slip…

pretty pink wedding details

First Row: What Katie Ate via Pinterest | Cute Things via Pinterest | Style Me Pretty via Pinterest
Second Row: What Kate Ate via Pinterest | The Sweetest Occasion via Pinterest